Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vaksin (5): Pengawet mayat di dalam vaksin??

Formaldehyde in vaccines is present for the purpose of stabilizing the vaccine. In the industrial world, formaldehyde is a highly toxic gas used in the manufacture of plastics, plywood adhesives, resins, dyes, sugar, rubber and textiles. In most manufacturing processes and vaccine uses, it is used in a liquid form stabilized in methanol. Depending on the individuals tolerance or sensitization levels, new cars, homes, and carpets are an allergan to many people, especially to those who are sensitive to Formaldehyde.
Effects of Formaldehyde on the human body vary depending on how it is absorbed into the body-Source

"New discovery shows why vaccines can cause adverse reactions"
"Formalin, used in the manufacture of over half of all vaccines… causes chemical damage to vaccine proteins and creates reactive chemical groups called carbonyls…. the presence of carbonyls can mean that the immune system overreacts once infection occurs and attacks the body in a damaging way. In the 1960s, carbonyls in experimental vaccines for a virus known as RSV, which causes wheezy colds in children, triggered a powerful immune response that caused severe side effects leading to hospitalisation and several deaths. "
Stephenson, A, Imperial College London -- 8/23/2006

Dalam makmal UM, kami guna Formaldehyde/formalin untuk mengawet mayat & human tissue. Common Aldehyde yang digunakan adalah Glutaraldehyde... Nak handle kena ikut S.O.P yang betul sebab carcinogenic(penyebab kanser).

Nak pegang jer pun kena ikut S.O.P makmal perubatan, apatah lagi yahudi senang2 nak suntik direct masuk dalam badan baby..OH,NO...NO WAY.. (T,T)

Vaccines that use formaldehyde include but are not limited to:

(Vaccine - form of formadehyde)
DTaP - Formaldehyde
HIB - Formalin
BioThrax - Formaldehyde
DPT - Formaldehyde
FluShield - Formaldehyde
Havrix Hepatitus A - formalin
IPOL Polio vaccine - formaldehyde
JE-VAX (Japanese Ancephalitis) - Formaldehyde
Tripedia DTP - formaldehyde
typhoid - Aspartame (aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the body and clings to protiens).

Formaldehyde in vaccines creates a toxic soup. Moga Allah melindungi kita semua dari tipu daya orang Yahudi yang lebih pentingkan keuntungan farmaseutikal berbanding nyawa manusia...

Ohya...cerita tentang formaldehyde ni, tiba-tiba teringat produk J&J.
Hmm...ni linknya.. berhati-hati ya...

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